Review: Shadow of the Silk Road

Shadow of the Silk Road, by Colin Thubron (HarperCollins 2007) Review by Craig Dietrich from November 2007 CAFAM Newsletter The “Silk Road” has taken on much glamour and romance as a tourist destination in recent years. One notable book that provides a glimpse into the halcyon years of the old trading routes between China andContinue reading “Review: Shadow of the Silk Road”

Review: Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China

Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China, by Zhengguo Kang (W. W. Norton 2007) Review by Cynthia Setchell Not long ago I read the autobiography of a Chinese Christian pastor of a “house church” in central China. House churches are illegal and have been suppressed by the government. The book told of imprisonments and tortures.Continue reading “Review: Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China”