Cantonese translator sought in Kittery

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection seeks a Cantonese translator in connection with site clean up in Kittery tomorrow, Friday.  If you can help, please contact Franki Delaney.

Good afternoon,

I am hoping I can locate somebody who is a translator. I work with Jeanne DiFranco at the DEP and I have ran into a situation where a family that speaks only Cantonese has had an oil leak under their home and my position at the DEP assists families in removing the soil and help fund the clean up. The family does not understand this and seem a bit hesitant. Do you think your organization can help me? Thank you very much. My contact information is: desk: 822-6366 or cell: 446-9899.

  • Franki Delaney Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
    Oil & Hazardous Material Specialist I
    312 Canco Road
    Portland, Maine 04103
    Phone: (207) 822-6366
    Fax: (207) 822-6303

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