CAFAM Sea Dogs baseball tickets

Dear CAFAM members,

First let me explain that our recent post about how Gary Libby and I joined CAFAM was mistakenly posted to this list. These bits were actually intended for our website or Facebook page. Some members found these comments interesting, but we try to reserve the email list for brief notices. No harm done I hope, but we just wanted you to know why these unusual postings showed up on your computer.

Now about the Sea Dogs tickets: Gary Libby informs me that the entire block of 30 tickets has been spoken for. However it is still possible to purchase individual tickets directly from the Sea Dogs. Our seating is behind home plate and up a bit (or so I understand). My own seat is in Section 207, Row J, Seat 17, to give you an idea of where we are.

You can also contact Gary for more information:

Best Regards,

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