Chinese Mandarin instruction for Summer Fall

Dear CAFAM members,

More Chinese offerings at the Institute for International Studies in Portland.

The IIS will offer two Summer and Fall courses for beginners and advanced beginners.

One of them is “Introduction to Chinese Mandarin: Business and Travel.” Course description, “To address the challenges of business people trying to communicate in Chinese, we have created a suite of solutions that will help you learn and practice through a very personalized approach. The classes are interactive and include practicing dialogues and scenarios. Students will receive close instructional support and encouragement from the instructor.” Cost: $270

This course meets for 3 Mondays and 3 Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:30. The dates are July 11,13, August 1, 3, 29, 31. Regretably, the first two meeting dates have now flown by. Whether a student could pick up the course in August is something that could be asked of the instructor.

The second course is “Introduction to Chinese Mandarin.” There are two versions: “Beginning 1” and “Beginning 2”. They both consist of 8 Wednesday evening classes, 7:00 – 8:30 for Beginning 1, and 5:30 – 7:00 for Beginning 2.

Description for Beginning 1: “Get ready for your Chinese adventure! You will be introduced to basic grammatical structures and vocabulary of daily practice while interacting with others, in a full immersion experience and relaxing atmosphere. In doing this, you will acquire the ability to understand and speak basic Chinese.” Cost: $300

Description for Beginning 2: “The journey continues for those students who have already started to learn Chinese. Learn in a full immersion experience. Improve your ability to understand and speak Chinese.” Cost: $300

The instructor is Viveca Kwan.

Contact:, 207-329-7013

Best regards,


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