CAFAM Moon Festival Sept 17

Dear CAFAM members,

Please mark your calendars:

Our annual Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) potluck is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, at Woodfords Church in Portland, from 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

Zhang Shuman
Zhang Shuman

Again a great occasion for Maine’s Chinese and CAFAM community to get together.

The idea is simple: Eat good food (it’s a potluck; bring a dish). See old friends and new. Enjoy some entertainment. As always we’ll have “moon cakes” to sample.

And we have a special treat. Yuman Zhang and accomplished player of the guzheng will perform.

We also need folks to recite or sing Chinese or English “moon” poems and songs. WOULD YOU BE PART OF THE PROGRAM? PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

There is a large area where children can play. BRING FRIENDS.

So please mark you calendars. We will share more information as the date approaches.



(Mid-Autumn Festival —Zhong Qiu Jie)

主办单位:    缅因州华美联谊会
Sponsor:     Chinese & American Friendship Association in Maine (CAFAM)

时间:    下午五至七点半
Time:         5 to 7.30 pm

日期:    星期六,九月十七日
Date:         Saturday, September 17

地点:    波特兰市五福德教堂
Location:     Woodford’s Congregational Church
202 Woodford Street (Off Forest Avenue/ Rt 302)
Portland, ME 04103

节目: 聚餐 (请贡献拿手好菜共享; 学生可免带)
品尝月饼, 古筝音乐,歌曲,赏月诗词 (欢迎提供节目)


  • Potluck dinner (please bring a dish to share)
  • Moon cakes tasting
  • Guzheng music, songs and recital of poems with a moon’s theme (performers welcome)

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