Family seeks Chinese speaker

Dear CAFAM members,

Claire Holman, who lives in South Portland, is looking for an occasional Chinese speaking playmate for her 6-year old adopted son Che Hao. Chinese is his native language and Claire doesn’t want him to lose it.

In her words: “Ideally, this would be a young person who would have the energy to play with a 6 year old — soccer, Legos, cards or any kind of games or fun. I am an ESL teacher at USM, and in the perfect situation, I would trade English lessons, but we can consider paying the person. Or, we would be delighted to have a Chinese speaking child to babysit for free on the weekends or some afternoons or any variation of these ideas.

In addition, we are open to the possibility of housing a Chinese student at a very low rate, in trade for some child-minding time, if we could find a person who’d be a good match. We are very near SMCC and on a bus line, so we are not a bad place for a student, and we do have a spare room on the first floor away from the other bedrooms.”

If you would like to contact Claire about this, write to or call 650-5835

Best regards,


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