MPBN questions

Dear CAFAM members,

I’m breaking the rule of sending you only items that relate directly to Chinese matters. Connie Zhu, one of the authors of the recent MECAP study on the impact of Asians in Maine’s economy, is also involved with Maine Public Broadcasting. Because of the importance of this resource, it seems appropriate to circulate her request for feedback.



Dear CAFAM Members:

I am a Community Advisory Board member for the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) and I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions for its TV/Radio programming. If you don’t listen or watch MPBN, please ignore this. But if you are an audience member, won’t you please take a few minutes and email me your answers to any or all of the questions below.

1. Are there any programs that you would like to add, reschedule, or remove from MPBN radio/TV lineups?

2. Are you a Facebook fan of MPBN? What postings do you expect to see the most?

3. Are you aware of the “video player” on Have you used it? Is it helpful?

4. What does MPBN mean to you (briefly)?

5. What makes MPBN most unique among other radio/TV outlets?

6. How can MPBN better adapt to the new media environment? How can it better meet your needs?

7. Do you have other thoughts about how MPBN can continue and thrive in the future?

MPBN can only get better with your input and support. I really appreciate your feedback!

Thank you,

Connie Zhu

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