Edison Liu named president and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory

From the Jackson Laboratory

On August 26, The Jackson Laboratory named Edison Liu, M.D., as its new president and chief executive officer. Liu will officially begin his work at the Laboratory on Jan. 2, 2012.

Edison Liu


Why I Love China, Reason #297

Letters from ChinaBy Patrick Murphy – April 2009

The internet in China, as everywhere, can be somewhat user unfriendly. Factor in technoglop in a foreign language (like “Make sure the subnet mask is disengaged”) and it becomes simply impossible to achieve connectivity unaided.

Not only was I faced with that challenge, but my old computer had become unstable. Knowing that we would be returning to our Beijing apartment for several years, I decided on this trip to acquire a desktop computer. More

Seeking a Chinese guqin

Dear CAFAM members,

Greg Huang-Dale in Freiburg is seeking a Chinese instrument for a Chinese exchange student musician to use. Here is his request. If you have one or know of one, please contact him directly.

Craig More

Chinese dance performance in Weston MA

Dear CAFAM members (who love dance)

A troupe known as Dance Revelasian will be performing on Saturday October 22 7:30 PM at Casey Theatre in Weston MA (just off Rte 95 onto Rte 20). Tickets are a most reasonable $15.


Review: Chinese Measure Word Dictionary

Chinese Measure Word DictionaryChinese Measure Word Dictionary: A Chinese-English English-Chinese Usage Guide by Jiqing Fang and Michael Connelly (Boston: Cheng & Tsui, 2008)

Review by Craig Dietrich

CAFAM’s own Mike Connelly is co-author of a unique and just-published learning tool and reference guide for Chinese language learners. It has to do with “measure words.”

Measure words are found in many languages. Native speakers employ them without a second thought. When you go to get a “loaf” of bread, you never say, “Give me a bread.” You use the measure word “loaf.” Similarly with a “pair” of pants or a “grain” of sand. Now actually, the vast majority of English nouns, the ones that name individual things, don’t require measure words. You can simply say “a computer,” “a pen,” or “a horse.” More

Bangor Chinese Conference

Dear CAFAM members,

Earlier we announced the 2011 Maine Chinese Conference, scheduled for October 28 in Bangor. The principal organizer, Jing Zhang sends the following reminder and extended early bird registration deadline:

Dear Colleagues,

Just want to remind you that the last day of the Early-bird registration for 2011 Maine Chinese Conference will be October 15. Fax or email your registration form by going to http://bangorchinese.com:80/CONFERENCE11.HTML. If you already registered the event you will receive a confirmation through a email or a phone call very soon.


Portland multicultural committee

Dear CAFAM members living in Portland

The City of Portland has a Multicultural Advisory Committee which makes policy recommendations concerning the citys growing ethnic and racial diversity. Eric Larsson has been serving as CAFAMs representative, but there are times when he cannot attend the meetings. Case in point: this Thursday, October 6.

So we are seeking an alternate representative. If you have an interest in urban affairs, ethnic/racial issues, and the like (and particularly if you are Chinese, Chinese-American, etc.) please contact Eric for information about this committee and its duties. Hes at emlarsson.

This could be a good chance to experience how the city works from the inside.



Maine Chinese Conference

Dear CAFAM members,

The 2011 Maine Chinese Conference will be held on October 28-29, at Husson University in Bangor. (This is the conferences third year.)

The conference theme is: “Creating cooperative opportunities in education and business between US and China through promoting Chinese language teaching in Maine and establishing local business partnerships between the peoples of these two global powers”.


Who We Are

The Chinese & American Friendship Association of Maine provides forums and outreach to promote awareness of and appreciation for Chinese culture. More.


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