Chinese dance performance in Weston MA

Dear CAFAM members (who love dance)

A troupe known as Dance Revelasian will be performing on Saturday October 22 7:30 PM at Casey Theatre in Weston MA (just off Rte 95 onto Rte 20). Tickets are a most reasonable $15.

Melissa Lin (who knows a thing or to about it) says the following: “This is a very highly regarded dance troupe led by Executive Artistic Director, Grace Chan. Ms. Chan founded this organization to attract more advanced level college and young professionals whose talent and grace are just awe-inspiring. Their repertoire is broad, demonstrating all types of classical, folk, and modern styles of Chinese dance, which allows them to produce shows every year that are incredibly professional and well-thought out. Tickets are just $15 and are available online for ordering. If you’re curious, check out the Youtube link below of one of their dances.”

She has suggested that interested parties might want to organize a group to go (although she herself cannot).

The website is, 508-685-6456.

I will be happy to put interested people in touch with one another via email. (Respond below.)



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