A New, Exciting Program – Dinner with Ten Fellows

CAFAM is starting a brand new program called Dinners for 10 Fellows, which brings all kinds of CAFAM members together to enjoy good food and great conversation. Whether you’re a new or old member, a single person or a family, younger or older, any CAFAM member is welcome to attend this small dinner party. It is your opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal (at a low cost) while socializing and networking with fellow CAFAMers. By the end of the evening, 10 fellows will become 10 friends!

How does it work, you ask? Hosts open up their home and prepare a Saturday dinner for ~$10/person. You can also change the number of guests you can host or co-host if you’d like to share hosting duties with another. Dinners can be homemade, any cuisine, take-out, party platters, whatever floats your boat.

Registered dinner guests are randomly selected based on location to attend an upcoming dinner. Guests pay only $10/person to help the cover the costs of hosting. It’s also a great way for CAFAM families to meet other CAFAM families!

Sign-up to be a host and/or a guest is OPEN now for dinners from January through May. If you still have questions or you’re ready to sign up, go to https://cafammaine.org/dinner-for-10-fellows/ for more details!

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