Help for a Planning Committee

Dear CAFAM members,

Is there anyone out there in CAFAM land who would like to join me and Patti Oldmixon in a subcommittee to organize a panel for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb 4? The panel is generally about doing business in or with China.

Much of the work has already been done. Members of the panel have been chosen: Eliot Cutler (moderator and commentator), Suzanne Fox, and Terry Kieffer, all having lots of experience in China. A fourth person is under consideration to round out the panel.

What remains to be done is to work out the theme and format of the event and square everything up with the participants. I have a couple ideas, but it would be good to have one or two more people involved in this process. I’m hoping that most or all of the work can be done by email.

Interested? Contact me at dietrich


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