Chinese cooking on WCSH6 Feb 2

Dear CAFAM members, Nancy and Eric Zhou, proprietors of Bubble Maineia in Portland, will be demonstrating Chinese cooking on WCSH TV6 at 7:00 PM this Thursday, February 2. The “207” show is observing Chinese New Year. And keep in mind: Bubble Maineia will offer delicious Chinese food at our CAFAM New Year Celebration this Saturday,Continue reading “Chinese cooking on WCSH6 Feb 2”

Can a water dragon breathe fire when it’s wet? And other conundra

By Patrick Murphy – January 2012 The Chinese have an amazingly complicated calendar, but for all its sophistication and complexities you would think they could, at least, get the placement of Spring correct, right? Apparently not, as this is Chinese Spring. What we call “Chinese New Year” is called by the Chinese “Spring Festival.” Hello?Continue reading “Can a water dragon breathe fire when it’s wet? And other conundra”

MPBN’s Maine Calling: Chinese New Year

On Tuesday, January 24, 2012, Maine Public Radio hosted three of our esteemed CAFAM members on their new talk show, “Maine Calling”to talk about the Chinese community in Maine, the Chinese New Year, and other related topics.  The guests included Craig Dietrich, founder of CAFAM and retired professor of Chinese History at USM, Suzanne Fox,Continue reading “MPBN’s Maine Calling: Chinese New Year”

CAFAM volunteers where to reply

Dear CAFAM members, We recently called for volunteers for the New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 4. Unfortunately, spam protection truncated the contact address in that email. If you’re interested in volunteering an hour or so (and we hope you are) please contact Roger Brodeur via Mary Tennant at maryetennant15 [at] (When you sendContinue reading “CAFAM volunteers where to reply”

CAFAM celebration seeking volunteers

Dear CAFAM members We’re looking for volunteers to help out at the Chinese New Year Celebration on February 4. People are needed at the registration table, the CAFAM table, at children’s crafts tables, as room monitors, setting up, cleaning up, etc. You can volunteer for 1 or 2 sessions of about 1 1/2 to 2Continue reading “CAFAM celebration seeking volunteers”

CAFAM sponsorship opportunity

Dear CAFAM members, The CAFAM community has been busily preparing what we expect will to be our most outstanding Chinese New Year Celebration yet! This includes our first-ever effort to identify individuals and companies who wish to support our contributions to multicultural awareness and community growth. The response has been truly gratifying, and we wantContinue reading “CAFAM sponsorship opportunity”