CAFAM thanks and a notice

Dear CAFAM members,

First, a huge THANK YOU to one and all who contributed to the success of our New Year Celebration! More than 1,000 people came through the doors. It was a great day, and all indications are that everyone greatly enjoyed the performances, talks, activities, and eats.

Of course, looking to the future, if you have concerns or suggestions that should be brought to our attention, please do so while it is still fresh in your mind. Anything, large or small. We want feedback.

Second, if you’re fluent in Chinese and itching to work in China, the following may be for you:

The US State Department is taking applications for “Consular Adjudicators” for posts in China. Applicants must be US citizens who have fluency in Mandarin. The posts are initially for 13 months and involve working in the visa section of American consulates. Application deadline is February 29.

For more information, visit <

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