China photographic exhibit ready

Dear CAFAM members,

Many of you may not know (or may have forgotten) that there exists an outstanding photographic exhibit of northern China as it looked more than a century ago. It consists of pictures taken in 1904 by Harvey Sargent, the grandfather of CAFAM member Bob Sargent, when Harvey served as cartographer on a scientific expedition.

You can see a small sample of these photographs at

The images have been enlarged and beautifully framed, ready to hang in a suitable space. First exhibited in 1994, they have travelled to a total of 29 venues in Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The collection has reached an estimated 63,000 public viewers.

Bob also has made many slide talks to schools and civic groups.

Bob is always ready for more! If you think you know of an institution that would want to display this great exhibit, please contact Bob at rmsargent47. And do check out the website.



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