assist Chinese student June 10

Dear CAFAM members

A 23-year-old student from Sichuan will be transiting Portland on Sunday June 10. She arrives on a morning flight from San Francisco and then needs to catch a bus to Bangor. So she needs a lift from the airport to the bus station. Is there someone who would like to do this?

We also need a “Plan B” in case her flight is seriously delayed. Her ETA at Portland is about 11:00 AM. Her bus departure is 2:00 PM (Concord Trailways) or 2:45 PM (Greyhound), so there shouldn’t be a problem. But if her flight is hours late, then she needs to stay overnight and catch the 8:15 AM bus (Greyhound). So I guess I’m also looking for an emergency bed for the evening of Sunday June 10.

Her name is Guo Yuanhui. She is a graduate of Sichuan International Study University in Chongqing. She will be working at Denny’s in Ellsworth the “Summer Work and Travel” program run by Cultural Homestay International (see

Any takers? Contact me at dietrich[ampersand]


PS: In case you’re wondering about getting her from Bangor to Ellsworth, that has already been arranged.

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