Meet Chinese profs at USM

Dear CAFAM members,

Would you like to meet and chat with some young Chinese professors? Here’s your chance. Sixteen of them are currently at USM studying mornings to improve their English language and teaching skills.

They hail from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, which is located in Ganzhou City (central China west of Shanghai).

They will be having lunch every day for the next couple weeks at USM’s Gorham facility. You are invited to join them. Just call Robin Day 780-5015 or email rday[ampersand]

For Dean Joe McDonnell’s full invitation read on:

This summer between July 10 and August 4 we will be hosting 16 faculty members from Jiang-xi University of Science and Technology on our Gorham campus. Our Chinese visitors all speak English — some teach English to Chinese students and others are preparing to teach their courses in English. They will be taking a course on weekday mornings to improve their English language and English teaching skills.

We want to give our visitors an American experience and hope you would help us to accomplish this goal. Except for a few days, our visitors will have their afternoons, evenings and weekends free. We hope you might invite one or two (or more) to an activity that would give our visitors an American experience. It may be a dinner in your home, a barbecue or a cultural, sports or social activity. It is important that they get to talk and interact with Americans and experience American culture in its many variations.

We also would invite you to come to Gorham for lunch at 12 noon each day just for conversation. We have some events already planned and would ask you to avoid requesting outings on July 14, 16, 21, 27 and August 1. Please contact Robin Day to let her know the day, the event and the number of visitors you wish to host and she will arrange to find visitors interested in participating in your event. (See above for Robin’s contact info.)

Thanks so much for your participation in this program.


Joseph W. McDonnell

Dean, College of Management and Human Service

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