CAFAM editor sought

Dear CAFAM members

In the next few months CAFAM will be going through a transition. Some roles will need to be taken over by new people. The person who now does them (me) will no longer be doing them.

One of these roles is CAFAM newsletter editor. It’s an important job, because the newsletter is a big CAFAM membership benefit.

Members receive the newsletter five times a year. It contains seven pages of announcements and items such as accounts of recent events, descriptions of life in China today, stories (historical and current) of Chinese in Maine, Chinese School notices, and miscellaneous items of cultural interest.

The job involves assembling and editing copy and formatting it with publishing software. The completed issue is emailed to XPress Copy for printing. Finally hard copy is mailed out by around the middle of September, November, January, March, and May, to about 120 addresses.

The task is interesting and challenging. Writing and editing are the key skills needed, followed by cajoling other people into providing copy. Currently we use Microsoft Publisher software, which is now fairly easy to learn (Apple has the equivalent I’m sure).

This job could be divided up. For example, picking up the newsletters and mailing them out could be separated from the editorial job.


The job would start with the September 2013 issue. In the meantime, a kind of apprenticeship could be arranged to learn the ropes from the current editor.

If you are interested, don’t hang back! Contact me at dietrich[ampersand] Or 688-4826. Or via the website “contact us” link.



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