Chinese for Maine schools and teachers

Dear CAFAM members,

Chinese language programs are available for Maine schools and educators:

The Teachers of Critical Languages Program places teachers from China (and Egypt) in schools for one year where they teach Mandarin. These are teachers of English as a foreign language. The program is fully funded by the U.S. Department of State. Application deadline: January 23. Get more information by emailing


This source also provides “Educational Seminars” for teachers and administrators. Also there is an “Intensive Summer Language Institute” for non-native teachers of Chinese language. Both of these programs are also fully funded. Application deadlines: February 13 and TBD, respectively.

Get more information by emailing



There is also a College Board Chinese Guest Teacher and Trainee Program, which will support Maine schools in starting or enhancing Chinese language programs. Teachers or trainees from China can be supported for periods from one to three years. For more information on these opportunities go to

Don Reutershan at the Maine Department of Education also can provide information and insights concerning these programs. His telephone is 207-624-6826, his email is: don.reutershan[ampersand]

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