CAFAM newsletter editing

Dear CAFAM members,


As has been announced here and in the CAFAM newsletter, I will no longer be editing the newsletter in September. The board has been hoping that some person or some team might want to step into this gap and carry on. So far, a couple of people have kindly expressed a desire to help, but do not want to take on the entire role of editor. So this problem remains unsolved.

During the next two weeks, I will be assembling, printing, and mailing out the January-February issue. If anyone out there is interested in learning what is involved, I would be happy to share the experience electronically. Of course this would not commit anybody to anything.

I use a PC and Microsoft Office software. In particular, I use Publisher to lay out the material. XPressCopy prints it. And I mail it.

Perhaps wannabe editors out there might find this of interest for its own sake.

So that’s my invitation.

You can contact me at



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