One-week Chinese Summer Camp Opportunity at Portland

Dear Friends of Portland Chinese School, I hope you all had a wonderful summer so far. There is a one-week Chinese Dagon Summer Camp that will begin next Monday, August 19th for children 5 and up at the Portland Chinese School. The program has been running successfully in Bangor since 2005 and now the programContinue reading “One-week Chinese Summer Camp Opportunity at Portland”

American Folk Festival, Peking Opera Group

Dear CAFAM members, The Peking Opera group (Qi Shu Fang) is scheduled to perform at the American Folk Festival in Bangor. The three day festival celebrates multicultural traditional arts, music, dance, crafts, food and storytelling through a cultural arts Festival. Wearing elaborate and colorful costumes, performers in this traditional Chinese theater combine music, vocal performance,Continue reading “American Folk Festival, Peking Opera Group”