Waking the Dragon

Nimen hao!

At Chinese School last week, you may have glimpsed the newest, grandest, sparkliest member of our community: WE HAVE A NEW DRAGON! A gift from the Chinese consulate in New York City, the ten-person magical beast arrived by eighteen-wheeler this summer with a drum the size of China itself. We are beyond excited to WAKE the dragon up (in the grand tradition of all ceremonial dragons) and get him limbered up for his DEBUT at Chinese New Year.

So please join us for a Dragon-Waking PARTY on the last day of this fall semester: Noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, November 23, at Ocean Avenue School, 150 Ocean Avenue, Portland. AND PLEASE BRING A FRIEND (or EIGHT)! We’ll have ribbon-stick making and dancing for children. Riverview will be doing break-out martial-arts sessions. Everyone’s favorite DUMPLINGS will be for sale (so lunch supports your favorite little Chinese school)! Then Ahkau NG will conduct the dragon-waking ceremony and we’ll give the dragon a little walk-around. (He needs exercise before Chinese New Year!)

COME! ENJOY! BRING SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR COMMUNITY of dragons and drummers, of ribbon dancers and dumpling eaters!


Kelli Prior
for the Steering Committee

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