The Year of the Horse

Dear CAFAM members,

MECA & Fox Intercultural Consulting is presenting ‘The Year of the Horse’ with Joanna C. Lee & Ken Smith

Thursday, Feb 13th, 12pm-1:30pm

ICA at Maine College of Art, the Porteous Building at 522 Congress St., FREE

To celebrate the dawning of Chinese New Year and the launch of MECA’s Year in China, we are welcoming two distinguished figures from the Chinese-American cultural scene to Portland. Joanna C. Lee and Ken Smith, authors of the Pocket Chinese Almanac series, will be offering audiences insights into the Year of the Horse

The traditional Chinese almanac, also known as the Tong Sing or Huang Li, is a centuries-old repository of cultural information from household tips to general medical remedies. But it’s the almanac’s predictions of which days are auspicious or ominous for a wide range of activities that has made the annual publication a mainstay in Chinese homes. For five years now, Joanna C. Lee and Ken Smith have translated and decoded the almanac’s predictions.

For more information go to or email

The Westin Portland Harborview is offering special Chinese New Year rates associated with this event: visit or call 207.775.5411 to find out more.


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