Summer Rental

Dear CAFAM members,

Summer (Xia Xiaobo), who is my 21-year-old Bowdoin College host student from China, plans to stay in Maine through the end of July/very beginning of August and do some unpaid internships/volunteer work for Angus King’s office in Augusta a couple of days a week (to which I will drive her) and for Suzanne Fox’s Intercultural Consulting (assisting teachers/students from China who are visiting Brunswick and other locations as part of Suzanne’s pairing of China/U.S. sister schools).

She is also planning on going to the Driving School on Harpswell Rd. right near Bowdoin, so she can learn to drive and get her license. Since she is not working on campus, they will not allow her to stay in Bowdoin housing. She can stay with me, but I live in Greene, and she prefers to be in Brunswick as close to campus as possible, since some of her other friends are living on campus.

If anybody lives within walking distance of the Bowdoin College campus, or knows of anybody who does, and has an extra bedroom and would consider a low-cost rental of that room for Summer from May 18 through the end of July/beginning of August, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks for any help that you can provide!!!

Alicia Gamow,, Home: 207-375-8059, Cell: 207-333-0761

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