Moon Festival

Moon Festival

Dear CAFAM members,

Join us as we celebrate this year’s Moon Festival on Saturday, September 13th, 4:30 pm to 8 pm, at Woodfords Congregational Church in Portland (202 Woodford St.). Each year we mark this major Chinese holiday—also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or Harvest Festival—with a festive gathering featuring poetry readings, musical entertainment and plenty of food, including moon cakes.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the actual date of the Moon Festival this year falls on Sept 8th. Traditionally the holiday is an occasion to appreciate the bright, full moon and its connection to the harvest season. It’s a time to reunite with family and friends, offering them moon cakes and enjoying activites together.

Please come to the celebration, and bring your family, friends and a dish to share!

–From the CAFAM Board

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