Help with Chinese Cultural Activities

Calling all CAFAM members:

We have experienced a surge of requests from the greater community for help with Chinese cultural activities. These requests are right in step with our CAFAM mission, so we would like to be able to help these organizations. But we need people who are interested and available to help!

Please look over the following requests and let us know if you are able to help with any of them. If you are available, please email Cindy Han by Friday, Feb 6th. Thank you!

Whole Foods Chinese New Year Children’s Session:

Whole Foods is looking for someone who can host a child’s activity session on Feb 19, 9-11 am, on the topic of Chinese New Year. This is part of a free series of events during public school break. The Chinese New Year session can include: activities, performances, costumes, stories – anything interesting that’s geared to children.

Dragon Parade at Portland Assisted Living Facility:

The Park Danforth in Portland is having a Chinese New Year dinner on Feb 19, 4-6 pm, and they’re looking for a group to do a dragon parade through their dining area as part of the event.They are open to other dates/times for the dragon parade if Feb 19 doesn’t work. They are also open to other suggestions for activities or performances that can enrich their residents’ experience of Chinese New Year.

Lewiston-Auburn Library Story Hour:

Is anyone interested in participating in a library story hour for Chinese speakers and their children or for people interested in having their children learn Chinese? If you live in the Lewiston-Auburn area and would like to join such an activity, please respond!

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