Asian Restaurant for Sale (Bangor)

Dear CAFAM members,

This message is from our friends at the Maine China Network:

Owner is moving out of state and needs to sell restaurant. This is a really good opportunity; it’s an established restaurant that’s been in business for 3 years. The kitchen is up to code with ALL COOKING EQUIPMENT. There are 2 vegetable cool coolers, 1 giant walk-in cooler, 2 stand freezers, 1 long freezer, and 6 wine and beer coolers and a full Bar active.

This is a turnkey business: Come in, bring your recipes and cook, or we can give you ours. This restaurant has a sit in full bar with taps and beer coolers. You can subdivide this and have the bar function independently.

Restaurant has good clientele, very warm decorations and is in a nice shopping mall. To top it off, rent is cheap and the landlord is amazing. Please call or text Vanessa or Xavier at (cell)207-852-0063 or 860-817-7060 to make an offer.

Thank you.

Chinese Teacher Needed at Breakwater

Dear CAFAM members,

Breakwater School in Portland is looking for Chinese teacher(s) to teach Chinese language (Mandarin) and culture for their Friday Intensive and After School Enrichment program.

The Friday Intensive is between 1:30 – 3:10 every Friday afternoon. There will be a fall intensive and a winter intensive, each 12 weeks long.

Breakwater is also considering adding a Chinese Culture/Language course to its after school program. Each session is 6 weeks long, and the dates are as follows:

Session 1: September 14th – October 26th (No class on Monday, October 12th)
Session 2: November 2nd – December 18th (No class on Monday/Tuesday, November 23/24 of Thanksgiving week) Session 3: January 4th – March 4th ***This is a pilot 8-week long session. Session 4: March 7th – April 15th
Session 5: April 25th – June 6th (No class on Monday, May 30th)

Interested candidates should contact Kelly Steinhagen, Director of Enrichment and Aftercare, as soon as possible. She can be reached by email:


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