Asian Restaurant for Sale (Bangor)

Dear CAFAM members,

This message is from our friends at the Maine China Network:

Owner is moving out of state and needs to sell restaurant. This is a really good opportunity; it’s an established restaurant that’s been in business for 3 years. The kitchen is up to code with ALL COOKING EQUIPMENT. There are 2 vegetable cool coolers, 1 giant walk-in cooler, 2 stand freezers, 1 long freezer, and 6 wine and beer coolers and a full Bar active.

This is a turnkey business: Come in, bring your recipes and cook, or we can give you ours. This restaurant has a sit in full bar with taps and beer coolers. You can subdivide this and have the bar function independently.

Restaurant has good clientele, very warm decorations and is in a nice shopping mall. To top it off, rent is cheap and the landlord is amazing. Please call or text Vanessa or Xavier at (cell)207-852-0063 or 860-817-7060 to make an offer.

Thank you.

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