Maine Folklife Center

Maine Folklife Center Seeks Fiber Artists from Chinese Community

Dear CAFAM members,

CAFAM recently received a request for any fiber artists in Maine who are Chinese or who express some Chinese influence in their work. If you know of anyone who fits this description, please email Cindy Han at

Here is the message we received; more detailed information about the project is also available if you are interested:

“The Maine Folklife Center (MFC) at the University of Maine in Orono is doing a project on Maine traditional artists who work with cloth, thread, and yarn (fiber). We were hoping that you could help us get in touch with fiber artists in your community, particularly fiber artists who are influenced by their Chinese roots, or by the Chinese community in Maine.”
–Elisa Sance, Research Assistant, Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine 

Thank you,

CAFAM board

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