United Way Survey

Dear CAFAM Members:

The United Way of Greater Portland attended our recent Chinese New Year celebration in the hopes of getting some people to answer some survey questions about our greater community. They did not get many people to fill out the survey at the event, so we are asking if members would take a few minutes to do it online.

Please find the survey at: http://ccsurvey.unitedwaygp.org/

Here is United Way’s information about the request:

This year, United Way of Greater Portland is working with the community to gather input to establish 10-year, community-wide goals in Greater Portland. We hope to have as many voices join us as we explore three important questions and help identify critical community needs and issues that affect us all:

*What kind of community do we want?
*What’s stopping us from having such a community?
*What can be done to make a difference?

The survey is anonymous and asks the 3 questions above as well as collects some demographic data. We have already collected feedback from over 800 people–we’d love to involve the members of CAFAM and gather input from their point of view.

Thank you!

The United Way of Greater Portland

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