CAFAM Artist’s Talk

Dear CAFAM Members,

Please join us for a special CAFAM lecture:

Contemporary Chinese artist Haitao Pang
Thursday, March 30th, 7-8 pm
USM-Portland, Luther Bonney Hall, Room 100

Haitao Pang will be speaking about traditional Chinese art and its influence upon the arts throughout East Asian countries.

He will bring some materials to demonstrate his painting and encourages audience participation and questions. There will be interpreters present, since Mr. Pang speaks Mandarin.

Mr. Pang is from the Hebei Province in China, where he is founder and director of Shi Er Feng Art Gallery. He received an MFA in oil painting from Beijing National Art Institute and has studied under several famous Chinese artists. His work has been exhibited across China, in France and Canada, and he was won numerous awards. He is visiting Maine this month and teaching at Bates College.

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