International Calligraphy Event

Just wanted to let you know about an interesting multicultural event coming up! One of our CAFAM members, Coco Liu, will be demonstrating Chinese calligraphy as part of the event. You may have seen Coco and her wonderful calligraphy at our Chinese New Year celebration.

What: “Try Your Hand” – International Calligraphy Art Interaction
When: Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017; 10 am – 1 pm (rain date Sept 10, 1 – 4 pm)
Where: Congress Square Park, Portland

Did you ever wish you could write in another language? Or have beautiful penmanship in your own? Here’s a chance to Try Your Hand at an international calligraphy event at Congress Square Park!

People from around the world will show you how to write in their native script, such as Cyrillic, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese. You’ll also have a chance to try Medieval and Modern Latin alphabet calligraphy to write English, French, German, Kinyarwanda, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili and more!

You’ll learn a few words from each language and be able to make a keepsake pendant and bookmark. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in Building Bridges by contributing your effort to creating a symbolic bridge of friendship.

Supplies will be provided and instruction is free.

This activity is fun and meaningful for children and adults.

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