I am Tired

People of the Global Majority (PGM): a term that describes people who identify as non-white. 

I am tired.

I am tired of fighting

        tired of marching

        tired of signing petitions

I am tired of being the only person of the global majority in the room

        tired of advocating for people of the global majority voices in the classroom

I am tired of receiving white guilt

                                  and white fragility

        tired of making them feel comfortable 

                           by silencing myself

I am tired of their anger

                     their pitiful looks

                     their silence

I am tired of having to validate myself

I am tired of explaining what it is like to be oppressed

                    what it is like to hate yourself

                              what it is like to explain 

                          why you would want to be white at age seven

I am f*cking tired.

In middle school

    I read books about the Black experience

In high school

    I have attended race workshops

In high school I have learned

    about Comfort Women

    about the 1871 lynching of Chinese Americans

    about the Chinese Exclusion Act

about the Coolie trade

about the “model minority” myth

I know the institutions that uphold white supremacy 

but do you?

What have you done?

Why does it take you years 

to care about us

about people of the global majority

about race relations in America?

I am 18

and I am tired

  tired of being gaslighted

              tired of gaslighting myself.

I wish I didn’t have to bring up race in the conversation

it would be so much easier

but I do

I don’t have the privilege to leave race out of the conversation

I have to do this so I can create a better future for people of the global majority

I do it because you won’t think of it.

I do it 

because I want my children and their children 

to live in a world where they won’t be called


“Chinese virus”

         “Kung flu”



I don’t want them to be told 

     “Go back to China”

“Out of my country”

        “You don’t belong here”

           “Where are you really from?”

I don’t want them to know

what it’s like to want plastic surgery

in elementary school

how it feels to think you are ugly 

because you are not white

I don’t want them to think 

    their eyes are too ch*nky 

their skin is too yellow.

I want them to take pride 

in everything I have hated about myself:

to proudly speak Mandarin

eat with their chopsticks

flaunt their lucky money 

during the Lunar New Year 

to proudly wear their traditional clothing

to be proud to know their ancestors’ history

         proud of themselves 

to be proudly Asian American

to be proudly Chinese American.

I am tired

but I can’t rest now

there’s more to do

so future generations won’t be tired too.

by Zabrina Richards