The China Trade at the Penobscot Marine Museum

The beautiful Penobscot Bay town of Searsport boasts many old homes dating from the great seafaring era. Here one can find the Penobscot Marine Museum. Its principal exhibits illuminate the industry of Penobscot Bay in the 19th century and illustrate life on one of the great square-rigged ships, and what it was like to visitContinue reading “The China Trade at the Penobscot Marine Museum”

The Empire Dine and Dance

By Craig Dietrich CAFAM members will recall that, among the materials collected by Gary Libby about Chinese in Maine, is the story of the Empire Dine and Dance restaurant on the corner of Congress and Forest. An effort has been underway to install markers on certain Portland buildings such as this one, to commemorate theseContinue reading “The Empire Dine and Dance”

In China, you are “old”

By Craig Dietrich In modern times as Chinese came into increasing contact with the outside world, they used several terms to refer to foreigners. These words reflect core cultural ideas, political climate, and degrees of familiarity. One cardinal Chinese cultural distinction is nei-wai (inner-outer) or zhong-wai (central-peripheral). Nei-wai, for example, is used to talk aboutContinue reading “In China, you are “old””

CAFAM Sea Dogs baseball tickets

Dear CAFAM members, First let me explain that our recent post about how Gary Libby and I joined CAFAM was mistakenly posted to this list. These bits were actually intended for our website or Facebook page. Some members found these comments interesting, but we try to reserve the email list for brief notices. No harmContinue reading “CAFAM Sea Dogs baseball tickets”