Seeking a yangqin for the Moon Festival

Dear CAFAM members, Does anyone have a “yangqin”? It’s the Chinese instrument that is something like a dulcimer (struck with little hammers). We have a performer that can play at our Moon Festival on the 29th, but she has no instrument. If she could borrow one, well that would be great. But what are theContinue reading “Seeking a yangqin for the Moon Festival”

China Business Networking Roundtable

Dear CAFAM members, Fox Intercultural Consulting will sponsor its annual China Business Networking Roundtable on Thursday, September 27. The gathering starts at 5:00 at the offices of Burnstein Shur, 100 Middle St., Portland. At 6:00 the keynote speaker will share his views on the business situation in China. He is Bob Poole, a Portland nativeContinue reading “China Business Networking Roundtable”

Chinese language round table resumes

The Chinese language round table will resume on September 7 from 12:00 to 1:00. Thereafter, it will continue every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. We have a new location: 4 Milk Street, Suite 100, in Portland, the offices of FICS and MaineAsia. There is a big round conference table there where everyone canContinue reading “Chinese language round table resumes”

Host families for Chinese students

Dear CAFAM members, North Yarmouth Academy is seeking host families for two incoming sophomore boys from China. They come from the northeastern province of Liaoning, along with a third student who is returning to NYA. One of the new arrivals is Evan Tao whose favorite subject is math. His mother is a travel agent, whichContinue reading “Host families for Chinese students”

Moon Festival in September

Dear CAFAM members, Mark your calendars for our upcoming Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival Potluck on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Once again it’s at Woodfords Church, 202 Woodford Street, Portland ME Festivities will begin at 4:00 PM. Bring a dish to share. There will also be moon cakes to taste. We will supply beverages, plates, etc. There’sContinue reading “Moon Festival in September”

host families for Chinese students

Dear CAFAM members, Kathleen Hansen, a private school consultant and New England Director of the Center for Cultural Interchange, is seeking families to host Chinese high school students. She mentions two categories. Public school students. There is no stipend attached to hosting these young people. They lack the funds to attend private schools or payContinue reading “host families for Chinese students”

Meet Chinese profs at USM

Dear CAFAM members, Would you like to meet and chat with some young Chinese professors? Here’s your chance. Sixteen of them are currently at USM studying mornings to improve their English language and teaching skills. They hail from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, which is located in Ganzhou City (central China west of Shanghai).Continue reading “Meet Chinese profs at USM”