NGOs in China

By Jasmine Qu Editor’s note: Among many issues created by China’s rapid development, the issue of organizations not controlled by the one-party state has repeatedly emerged. Before “Reform and Opening” the socialist system sponsored and controlled all organizations, whether national, provincial, or local; economic, social, political, or cultural. The recent advent of entrepreneurialism, a freerContinue reading “NGOs in China”

If It’s Dusty, This Must Be Beijing

By Patrick Murphy A few years ago, the spring dust storms here were so large and so powerful that they blew across the ocean and hit Seoul, an unwelcome surprise for the Capitalist South Korean neighbors. Locals in Beijing may not exactly enjoy the spring storms that some years sweep in and dump tons ofContinue reading “If It’s Dusty, This Must Be Beijing”

Waste Pickers in China

By Jasmine Qu Jasmine Fei Qu is an exchange student at Bowdoin College majoring in Government and Economics. Her summer internship with a Chinese Non-Government Organization (NGO) involved several projects. One had to do with waste pickers. Here is her account of that experience. This past summer I worked with the Institute of Contemporary ObservationContinue reading “Waste Pickers in China”

Review: Oracle Bones

Oracle Bones: A Journey Between China’s Past and Present, by Peter Hessler (HarperCollins 2006) Review by Craig Dietrich from September 2006 CAFAM Newsletter Hessler is a talented observer, researcher, and writer, whose first book, River Town, documented his two years as an English teacher in Sichuan province. (It is very much worth reading.) While teaching,Continue reading “Review: Oracle Bones”

History of Portland’s Chinese Restaurants

By Gary Libby from the March 2006 CAFAM Newsletter Gary Libby has published an article “Historical Notes on Chinese Restaurants in Portland, Maine” in Chinese America (2006). This is from the journal of the Chinese Historical Society of America. Through meticulous research, Gary has recreated the story of these eating places starting with the first ChineseContinue reading “History of Portland’s Chinese Restaurants”

Early Chinese Students in Maine – Bowdoin College

By Gary Libby In a previous article, Gary Libby described the first Chinese students to appear in Maine colleges. Although the first one (Tsu Sheng Linn, 1909) ended up in the Thomaston prison, those who followed had rather better success. In this second part, we meet the first students at Bowdoin. The first Chinese studentContinue reading “Early Chinese Students in Maine – Bowdoin College”

Early Chinese Students in Maine (1909-29)

By Gary Libby Gary Libby, who was instrumental in establishing the Chinese Archive at the Maine Historical Society, has continued his research into Chinese in Maine. The most recent result of these investigations is the following account of the very first Chinese college students in Maine institutions. This is the first part of a two-partContinue reading “Early Chinese Students in Maine (1909-29)”