China comes to Maine – 2012

Excerpts from the Portland Press Herald

Little Calico Cat, Jia Chase

Photos by Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

Right, Jia Chase performs the Little Calico Cats dance.

A New Year celebration gives Mainers a taste of the richness of the culture.

WESTBROOK – The clatter of mah-jongg tiles, the sweet smell of steaming vegetable and pork dumplings and the sound of occasional snatches of Mandarin transformed Westbrook Middle School into Maine’s own Chinatown on Saturday. More

New year, old ways

Excerpts from the Portland Press Herald

New Year Celebration

Rose Horowitz adorns 6-year-old Alexander Gordon of Portland.

Families enjoy performers and traditions as a Maine Chinese and American group welcomes the Year of the Rabbit.

PORTLAND – Just before three girls danced barefoot onto the stage wearing conical Asian hats made of straw, the announcer introduced them.

“The Lotus Troupe are the founding pioneer students here at the CAFAM Chinese School,” she said. “They have been with the school since they were just 18 months old,” in 1996. More

Chinese New Year Festival in Portland

Excerpts from the Penobscot Maritime Museum

New Year Celebration 2009Feb 24, 2009 — On Saturday, January 31, 2009, Education Director Betty Schopmeyer helped usher in the Year of the Ox at a Chinese New Year Festival in Portland.

Sponsored by the Chinese American Friendship Association of Maine (CAFAM), the all day celebration was attended by several hundred people who enjoyed crafts, food, and programs related to China. More

Watching the battle

Excerpt from the Portland Press Herald

Watching the battle

CAFAM Chinese School students watching a martial arts demonstration by Nikos Simmons (left) and Soren Donisvitch of the River View Foundation.

In the background watching are, from left to right, Nina Henrikson, Sarah Stauffer, Catie Cough, Anna Foo, Madeline Shields and standing is Fan Luo.

Photo by James Shield.

From the Portland Press Herald

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Chinese New Year

Excerpts from the Portland Press Herald


Sally Ng cooks Chun Bing (Spring Pancakes) at her Portland home. The pancakes are a traditional Chinese New Year's dish.

WINDHAM — A half-dozen adults stood around the island in Kari and Bob Suva’s warm kitchen, patiently folding wonton skins around a tasty, tender filling of browned pork, chopped shrimp, cabbage and spices.Clearly, when it came to making jiao zi — Chinese dumplings — I was the novice of the group. My fingers fumbled as I pressed the edges of the dough together, trying to get that lovely, crescent-moon shape that seemed to come so easily to everyone else at this Saturday night dumpling party. I noticed that the other women each had their own technique for putting the little ripple in the edge of the dough. More

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