Our 2012 Sponsors

CAFAM would like to thank our CNY 2012 Sponsors for making our event and meeting our mission possible!

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Amy and Joseph Yu
Barbara and Jim Dale
Debra and Claire Guillerault
Dobra Tea
Eileen, Phil, and Jenna Nunley
Eric Larsson
Fox Intercultural Consulting Services
Haknuman Meanchey
Hong Kong Market
Imperial China
Korea House
Little Red Cup Tea
Melissa Lin
Patti, Bob, and Maddy Oldmixon
Riverview Foundation
Robert Levey and Ellen Goodman
Sally and Don Hoople
Spang Builders Inc.
Sun Oriental Market

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Who We Are

The Chinese & American Friendship Association of Maine provides forums and outreach to promote awareness of and appreciation for Chinese culture. We promote friendship between non-Chinese Americans, Chinese-Americans, and Chinese people, whether from the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, or elsewhere.


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