2015 Lunar New Year Celebration



Pictures from this years celebration:


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Picture captions:

1.  Boy performing with the Chinese Yo Yo

2.  The Confucius Institute professors helping kids with their calligraphy

3.  Girl getting a face tattoo at the arts and crafts section

4. Confucius institute woman painting a Panda on paper

5.  Kwok, president of CAFAM, with a USM professor from the Confucius Institute and CAFAM member Ng

6. Lion Dance performance

7. Martin preparing tea for sale at the merchants’ tables.

Saturday, February 7, 2015 starting at 10 am.

Westbrook Performing Arts Center,  471 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook, Maine

Once again, we feature our yearly dance performance presented by the children and teens of the CAFAM Chinese school.

The celebration starred the kids from the CAFAM Chinese school and their annual celebration dance.

There was an interesting talk about how tea is harvested and prepared in China, and the different types of tea there are.

Two men gave a traditional Lion dance demonstration.

There was a talent show, and two movies with the theme of the close relationship of young women and their grandmothers.

Our celebration is jointly sponsored by the Confucius Institute based at the University of Southern Maine.

The dumpling Dads provided chinese dumplings, and bubble tea.  Panda Garden restaurant offered fried rice and crab rangoon.

We thank our sponsors:

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