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Dancing at a CAFAM Chinese New Year

About the Chinese and American Friendship Association of Maine

The Chinese & American Friendship Association of Maine (CAFAM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote friendship between non-Chinese Americans, Chinese-Americans, and Chinese people, whether from the PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, or elsewhere. We promote awareness of and appreciation for Chinese culture and attempt to assist individuals with China-related questions and problems.

CAFAM was founded in 1988 by a small group of dedicated individuals who believed in the importance of promoting cultural exchanges, preserving Chinese culture, holding annual events, and encouraging other exchanges.

We invite and welcome anyone with an interest in China to become a member.

We promote a number of activities each year, including a mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival Celebration, a Chinese New Year Celebration, a summer general meeting and potluck, and other occasional events. We maintain a notification e-mail list of events and issues of interest, support the Maine Historical Society in building a Chinese in Maine archive, and cooperate, where possible, with other local organizations. We also promote educational outreach.

Today, CAFAM has about 120 individual and family memberships. Many of the families also participate in the CAFAM Chinese School. Established in 1996 and sponsored by CAFAM, the Chinese School is open to any family who is interested in bringing Chinese culture into the lives of their children.

Many members of CAFAM also belong to US-China People’s Friendship Association. USCPFA, a national nonprofit organization, aims to develop and strengthen friendship and understanding between the peoples of the United States and China. It was founded in 1974 and has over 50 chapters around the country.

An archive of our website from 2006-11 is available.

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Who are we?

The Chinese & American Friendship Association of Maine provides forums and outreach that promote cultural interchanges between the US and China.

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