In My Own Words: Growing Up in Maine as an Asian American

Zabrina Richards / May 2021

In Middle School

In Middle School in Yarmouth Maine in the whitest State in America in denial in despair I had learned to assimilate:          to convince myself that I was white                       I have pale skin                                  less chinky eyes                       I don’t speak my native tongue                                   eat Asian food…

Zabrina Richards / Apr 2021

The Target on Me

My yellow-hued skin almond-shaped eyes long, dark hair My skin that covers my body protecting my from  injury and harm My face that differs from others and yet the skin can only protect from so much My ethnicity that has shaped who I am  scapegoated blamed for a global pandemic One that I have no…

Zabrina Richards / Mar 2021

I am Tired

People of the Global Majority (PGM): a term that describes people who identify as non-white.  I am tired. I am tired of fighting         tired of marching         tired of signing petitions I am tired of being the only person of the global majority in the room         tired of advocating for people of the global majority voices…

Zabrina Richards / Feb 2021

Safe Space

In the United States I don’t feel accepted in the crowds of white people there’s only one place I feel like I am one with the crowd. In the United States these buildings are filled with culture herbs spices and years of history. When I step into these buildings The scent of wàn jīn yóu…

Zabrina Richards / Jan 2021


When people see me they see my dark hair, my skin tone, and my eyes. I can’t take off my eye shape with a simple swipe of makeup remover like it’s some trend. I can’t bleach my skin of its natural yellow hue. I can’t get rid of my pin-straight black hair. I can’t discard…

Zabrina Richards / Dec 2020

Deck the Halls with Racism

Looking forward to trying Kentucky Fried Chicken for the first time; and getting ready for the holiday seasons, I grabbed my fluffy blanket and pillow. On the drive to the drive-in theatres, I was content. It had been a productive day; I had completed two hours of work for my Senior Year Project and was…

Zabrina Richards / Nov 2020

Will I Be Next?

It’s 2020, and I’m scared. I see people that look like me getting targeted because others think we are carriers of a global pandemic. I see the increase of hate crimes, the stories of other Asian Americans being beaten, spit at, burned, maced, and threatened. Will this happen to me? I’m scared when I see…

About the Contributors

Zabrina Richards identifies as a Chinese American adoptee with she/her pronouns. Currently Zabrina is a senior and is interested in politics, writing, poetry, and making the world a better place for people of all backgrounds. Zabrina hopes by sharing her writings and poetry that she will be able to give a young Chinese American perspective of what it’s like to grow up in the United States.