In My Own Words: Growing Up in Maine as an Asian American

Zabrina Richards / Feb 2021

Safe Space

In the United States I don’t feel accepted in the crowds of white people there’s only one place I feel like I am one with the crowd. In the United States these buildings are filled with culture herbs spices and years of history. When I step into these buildings The scent of wàn jīn yóuContinue reading “Safe Space”

Zabrina Richards / Jan 2021


When people see me they see my dark hair, my skin tone, and my eyes. I can’t take off my eye shape with a simple swipe of makeup remover like it’s some trend. I can’t bleach my skin of its natural yellow hue. I can’t get rid of my pin-straight black hair. I can’t discardContinue reading “Target”

Zabrina Richards / Dec 2020

Zabrina Richards / Nov 2020

Will I Be Next?

It’s 2020, and I’m scared. I see people that look like me getting targeted because others think we are carriers of a global pandemic. I see the increase of hate crimes, the stories of other Asian Americans being beaten, spit at, burned, maced, and threatened. Will this happen to me? I’m scared when I seeContinue reading “Will I Be Next?”

About the Contributors

Zabrina Richards identifies as a Chinese American adoptee with she/her pronouns. Currently Zabrina is a senior and is interested in politics, writing, poetry, and making the world a better place for people of all backgrounds. Zabrina hopes by sharing her writings and poetry that she will be able to give a young Chinese American perspective of what it’s like to grow up in the United States.