Cantonese stroke victim

Dear CAFAM members,

Carol Foster reports that there is a 50-year-old Chinese man in Portland who is recovering from a recent stroke. His name is An Diep and he is in rehab at St. Joseph’s Manor on 1133 Washington Ave 797-0600. Eventually he wants to join his niece in California. Because of language, he can’t interact much with English speakers, and his speech has been severely affected by the stroke. Since his situation is so isolating, it would boost his morale a lot if speakers of Mandarin or Cantonese could stop by for a brief chat. A translator is also available.

Carol says, “He is a very kind and sweet man who is having a very difficult time right now. The translator Eva brought in some native food which he seemed to respond to. I’m sure any time someone could spend would be most appreciated.”

Visitors can come at almost any time, but probably late morning or early afternoon is best. If you have questions for Carol, her telephone number is 653-2906. His translator is Eva Chen and her telephone is 615-6615.


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