Joey Han wins Google contest – needs your vote

Dear CAFAM members,

Some of you will remember Joey Han who gave Chinese yoyo demonstrations at New Year Celebrations in 2010 and 2011. He’s the son of Cindy Han, former board member and future email co-editor. This is Joey two years ago.

He has won the “Doodle4Google” contest for the entire state of Maine! Take a look: Very impressive! Check out his caption as well.

While you’re there, please if you’ve a mind, vote for his entry to be the national finalist. Just click on the “vote for this doodle now!” button.

Joey will fly to New York for a big awards ceremony and unveiling of the drawing at the Museum of Natural History. Five finalists and one national winner will be announced at that time. The scores are partly based on votes. Should he get the top prize he’ll win a big scholarship and Falmouth Middle School will receive a big sum as well. Maine being a small state, he needs all our support, doubly deserved as he has done his part for CAFAM.

So at least go take a look at his fine work.


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